Squire, B - A Repertory of Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes

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by Berkely Squire. This is the first detailed repertory of the homoeopathic nosodes and sarcodes. Will prove extremely useful for homoeopathic practitioners.
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The Nosodes and Sarcodes are unique remedies with a range of action that follows the 'standard' remedies of the Materia Medica, yet also add a further important dimension. In fact, there are not too many cases that require and respond to homoeopathic medicine, that do not need at some point the judicious use of a nosode. Because many are preparations from body substances it stands to reason that they must have a peculiar affinity with the functions of the body.

This text provides a repertory of the sarcodes and nosodes, detailing a very wide range of remedies and their action.

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Product Code 8170219272
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