St John, G - Magic Medicine: Homeopathy as Shamanism

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While we don’t beat drums or shake rattles, homeopaths have a deep connection to nature and its healing power.

“People are attracted to and fascinated by the scientific side of homeopathic medicines, but there is an equally wondrous and compelling side to homeopathy that is shamanistic and magical. The science side and the shamanistic side are simply two different sides of the same coin. Gloria St. John makes a compelling case for how and why the shamanistic side of homeopathy helps to create what seems to be magical cures. Whether you are a serious student or a practitioner of homeopathy, this book will open your eyes (all three of them) to the wonder of homeopathy and real healing.”

-Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, author of The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy, founder of www.homeopathic.com

“Homeopaths have learned from shamans that all healing is deeply connected to spiritual dimensions. Thank you, Gloria, for helping all of us appreciate anew how that magic imbues our remedies and our healing work.”

-Roger Morrison, MD

“I love how the author delves into Samuel Hahnemann’s world to weave it together with shamanism. As a newbie to homeopathic remedies, I am thrilled because I felt the father of homeopathy was in the room with me as I read this masterful book! Inspiring and enlivening, this book offers deep knowledge and beautiful healing for the soul.”

-Barbara J Semple, The Empowered Healing Mentor, author of Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul


Table of Contents

Foreword… xi

Preface… xv

Introduction… xxiii

1 – Homeopathy and Shamanism: Origins and Methods… 1

2 – Core Elements of Shamanism and Homeopathy… 15

3 – Genie in a Bottle… 27

4 – Homeopaths and Shamans… 41

5 – The Trance… 53

6 – The Journey to the Animal Kingdom… 65

7 – The Journey to the Plant Kingdom… 79

8 – The Journey to the Mineral Kingdom… 99

9 – The Ancestors… 115

10 – The Homeopath’s Patient… 127

11 – The Shaman’s Patient… 143

12 – Spirits in Nature… 153

Addendum: Homeopaths and Shamans Heal the World… 167

Acknowledgements… 173

Sources… 175

Index… 179

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