Ullman, D - The One Minute Healer

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by Dana Ullman. A lovely, funny therapeutic that covers a wide range of conditions. Beautifully presented as always and crackling with wit.

In a breezy, practical style crackling with wit and widom, renowned homeopath and natural healer Dana Ullman provides more than 500 quick and easy ways to begin the process of healing common ailments. He includes information on nutritional supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, massage, hypnosis, stress management and common sense to treat a wide range of maladies that beset most of us. Ullman offers humour, puns, cartoons, and the thoughtful advice that is his trademark, which has endeared him to a wide following as one of the most authoritative figures in US alternative health today.

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Product Code 1-55643-494-4
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