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Wilson, Lawrence - Development Science & Development Programs

Product code: 9780962865770

Formerly Nutritional Balancing & Hair Tissue Analysis

This is the updated version of the older book, Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis. It is basically the same book with about 75 revised pages and some new information. Development Science And Development Programs is a basic textbook about a new science of healing that is a synthesis of a number of twentieth century concepts including systems theory, cybernetics, the stress theory of disease proposed by Hans Selye, MD, the oxidation types proposed by George Watson, PhD, and the work of Dr. Paul C. Eck. The book also presents some, but not the most recent research conducted by the Center For Development, Inc., a non-profit foundation started in 2007 in Arizona, USA. For the most up-to-date research, please visit Dr. Wilson's website. The book is organized into seven sections: Basics, The Scientific Basis Of The Program, Introduction To Minerals, Hair Mineral Analysis, Physical Health Conditions, Mental And Emotional Aspects, and Therapeutics and Practical Aspects. In addition, there are eight Appendices: Glossary Of Terms, The Mineral Reference Guide, Movement Patterns, Determination of the Oxidation Types by Means Of Hair Tissue Mineral Testing, The Effects Of Hair Washing On Hair

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Product Code 9780962865770
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