Yui, T - The Thesis of Immunization Impossible

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by Torako Yui. An exciting analysis of vaccinations, their history and applications and their disastrous legacy.

The first in Torako Yui's Homeopathic Life series, this interesting and searching book analyse the huge impact that vaccinations have had on our health. She discusses the homeopathic interpretation of disease and lays out very clearly the legacy that vaccinations have left us.

Chapters are as follows:

  • My Viewpoint of Vaccinations
  • The Theory and Philosophy of Homeopathy
  • The History of Immunization
  • Harmful Materials Contained in the Vaccines
  • Case Examples of Vaccinosis
  • Individual Childhood Illness and Controversial Aspects of Vaccination
  • Homeopathic Prevention

This is a very insightful text and should be read by professionals and parents with an interest alike.

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Product Code 9784863470033
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