Zandvoort, R Van - The Complete Repertory Mind (Paperback)

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This new edition has many new additions, including:

  • Nearly 3000 new references and cross-references
  • 9000 new additions
  • 63 new remedies
  • 33 new authors and more information from the old sources
  • 700 new additions from Boenninghausen
  • The provings of Aegle, Haliaethus leukocapitus, Lac caprinum, Lac delphinum, Lac leoninum, Magnesia silicata, Mantis religiosa, Sol and many others
  • The reorganisations and restructuring of the Complete Repertory so that even long existing, but hidden rubrics can be found more easily

This, together with the many references and cross-references, helps to make all the information in the Complete Repertory today easily accessible for every homeopath.

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Product Code 9080187879
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