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1. Redesigned Book: The MetaRepertory 4.0 was designed to be a complete rewrite and major upgrade of the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, third edition. The new MetaRepertory contains 49 chapters arranged in 3 sections, Mind, Body and Clinical. The 49 chapters were created from the 74 chapters of the 3rd edition.

2. New Rubric Additions and Updates: The new MetaRepertory has been updated to be a more clinical, practical and easy-to-use reference guide to the vast homeopathic materia medica. The MetaRepertory contains thousands of new rubrics, additions and updates from modern and historical sources.

3. MetaWord Index: Located at the back of the MetaRepertory, the Word index is greatly expanded to include many more clinical conditions and states.

4. MetaRemedy List: This expanded list includes the remedy abbreviations used in the MetaRepertory and the latin and common names for many homeopathic and herbal remedies.

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Also in stock, Michael J Lincoln's other fascinating texts - click the links above for more information.

Explore this wonderful resource in which Michael J Lincoln makes connections between mental / emotional states and physical pathology.  Within its pages is a description of the interaction of physical, emotional, mental, symbolic and sacred processes as they precipitate outcomes in the form of diseases, disorders and disruptions. There then follows a dictionary of the psychological, and sometimes sacred, meanings of hundreds of disturbances ranging from sneezes to cancer. In addition, there is an extensive section on the meanings of a number of body structures and characteristics.

Peter Tumminello
Psyche and Structure
Crystals and minerals
in homeopathy
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