Creveld, M - Diospyros kaki Creveld: World Tree

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The Nagasaki kaki tree stands for the end of World War II, an end to destruction, domination, rape, dearth and running away. The tree stands for survival and a new hope.

Marijke Creveld carried out a dream proving from the Diospyros kaki and found that it possessed many characteristics that may cure illnesses caused by radioactivity. The themes which emerged have to do with:

  • surviving
  • lack of safety
  • danger
  • soldiers
  • rape
  • death
  • fire
  • decrepit broken-down houses
  • the symbols of serious illness

The dream was symbolised by a house that was ill because of chemical substances, strange misshapen creatures, black and white, cleansing and balance.

Evidently a precious and significant entity, the Diospyros kaki has much to offer our polluted world.

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Product Code 908083923X
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