Lincoln, Michael J - Addictions & Cravings

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Another excellent reference from Michael J Lincoln, author of 'Messages from the Body' and 'Allergies & Aversions', this time tracing the psychological meaning of addictions and cravings.
An outstanding overview on the nature of addictions and cravings, as well as a "Dictionary" of the psychological and occasionally sacred meanings of various addictions and cravings ranging from "Crack" to Mozart. Our bodies are three dimensional  components of our consciousness expression. The authors bodliy communication books Messages From the Body; Allergies and Aversions, Addictions and Cravings were written as a translation codes to help us hear. When our minds fail to comprehend the reality of a situation, our bodies falter in the areas vulnerable to the issues at hand. Illnesses and afflictions tell us what we are not understanding by less drastic communications. When our body fails us, we need to listen and hear the message- Messages From the Body; Allergies and Aversions, Addictions and Cravings were written as translation codes to help us hear the message our body is trying to convey. They reflect the evolution-based universal collective linkages of the physical body's manifestation with the emotional, mental, functional, symbolic, mythological and spiritual realms as they have become fused over the millennia. Addictions are bodily cravings that develop when we are not receiving what we need from other sources. In particular, addictions and compulsive desires develop when our natural connection to the Home Office (All That Is) is prevented or severed. This is NOT a "How to Fix" book but rather a "How Come" book. Enjoy the profound awareness that this information will bring to you!
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Product Code 9781939020796
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