Mangialavori, M - Praxis: Method of Complexity (2 volumes)

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Complexity means that this method is inspired and informed by complexity theory. Complexity theory is about how a huge number of extremely complicated and dynamic sets of relationships in a group can generate some simple behavioral patterns. The method attempts to elucidate these subtle patterns in the seemingly chaotic phenomena of the patient's life and match these to similar patterns in a remedy. Remedies with similar patterns are grouped into homeopathic families, rather than taxonomic families. For validation of these patterns, clinical evidence is emphasized rather than provings. The author writes, ". . homeopathic medicine must provide such evidence if it is to dialogue as an equal with established sciences including academic medicine. ." Volume 1 covers this methodology, while volume 2 consists of case studies.

Praxis Volumes I & II - Praxis presents the most complete methodology in homeopathic medicine since the appearance of Hahnemann's Organon of the Medical Art. Building on Hahnemannian principles, Mangialavori offers a new approach to homeopathic epistemology, literature, research, case-taking and analysis. Primary foci include the structure and strategy of both the patient and the substance from which the remedy is made; the search for coherent themes and their hierarchical organization; the association of remedies through homeopathic rather than taxonomic families; and the reliance upon strict scientific criteria, primarily case studies as opposed to provings, for validation and elaboration of a remedy's core features. The method incorporates concepts from various disciplines in the humanities and the natural and social sciences, most notably, complexity theory, autopoesis and psychoanalysis.

Praxis Volume I explains Mangialavoris methodology in detail. Volume II is a materia medica which also provides case examples of how the method is applied.

Volume II is in 3 parts, though only Part I of Volume II is included here. It covers the remedies Agaricus muscarius, Anhalonium lewinii, Bovista lycoperdon, Convolvulus duartinus, Nabalus serpentaria, and Psilocybe caerulescens.

Praxis if the first in a series of works which will outline a complete system of homeopathic medicine including an extensive, evolving classification by homeopathic family and detailed clinical information on over 600 remedies.

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