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Mangialavori, M - Solanaceae: Nightmare Between Light and Dark

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by Massimo Mangialavori. A fresh outlook on this group of remedies using Belladonna as the archetype, tracing fundamental themes throughout and introducing other remedies into the group.

Solanaceae: The Nightmare between Light and Dark explores the parallels and distinguishing features of a group of homeopathic medicines with Belladonna as its archetype. Not constrained by the botanical family, Massimo Mangialavori broadens the scope of this group to other homeopathic medicines such as Lyssinum, Gallicum acidum, and Tanacetum that share fundamental themes with other Solanacea remedies. He examines the well-known toxic Solanaceae such as Belladonna, Stramonium, Hyoscyamus, as well as less represented remedies such as Mandragora, Solanum nigrum, Solanum tuberosum aegrotans. The non-toxic Solanaceae, Capsicum, Dulcamara, Tabacum, Lycopersicum and Solanum tuberosum are also presented and compared with the other Solanaceae.

With a fresh outlook and characteristic precision, Dr Mangialavori refines our understanding of this group of substances from meticulous analysis of his cured cases as well as the classic homeopathic literature. In true Renaissance fashion, this beloved Italian medical doctor weaves his broad knowledge and experience of anthropology, biology, botany, medicine, psychology, history, mythology and the Classics for a fuller understanding of homeopathic medicines as well as the study of humankind.

The Solanaceae: Nightmare between Light and Dark is prepared from a transcript of a class hosted by the New England Homeopathic Academy.

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Product Code 9788888799018
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