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Rahmathullah, Dr S-Compendium of Human Diseases and their Cure by Homoeopthic Treatment (2nd Hand)

Product code: 0-9530765-1-2

GOOD CONDITION - some smudging on bottom edge.

A very comprehensive therapeutic divided into sensible sections offering explanation of the pathology followed by a range of homoeopathic remedies and their modalities. Clearly presented and well bound, this would make an excellent reference for professionals and amateurs alike.

Chapters include:

Abdomen and Groin
Bones, Cartilage & Periosteum
Brain, Nerves & Spinal Cord
Children's Complaints
Mental Illnesses
Toxicity and
Venereal Diseases

to name but a few. Well worth investing in - it covers the panoply of human pathology!

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Condition New
Product Code 0-9530765-1-2
Weight 1.6kg